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HRSSI has been conducting practice and performance research for nearly a decade. Our survey-based studies cover a wide range of HR delivery-related topics, including:

  • Business priorities and objectives
  • Model design & staffing
  • Technology utilization
  • Service and geography scope
  • Performance mesures & metrics
  • And more…

We share our research findings via our proprietary Delivery Diagnostic interactive dashboards. We update these dashboards each time we complete a new survey while preserving the historical data for trend analysis. The dashboards allow the user to filter the data on a variety of dimensions, including the year in which the data was gathered.


Click HERE to access the Delivery Diagnostic dashboards.


NOTE: The dashboard launch page is password protected to allow HRSSI to control which individuals receive access. We require a legitimate business email address to approve access (i.e., not gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.).  To request access HERE to auto-generate your email request. After reviewing/approving your request will send you the password within one business day. If you require immediate access, call Jim Scully at 404-861-9313.