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HRSSI’s primary vehicle for collaboration the HR Shared Services Network on LinkedIn. This group, founded by Jim Scully, HRSSI’s founder, has over 11,000 active members, making it the largest social network specifically for HR service delivery and shared services professionals in the world.

HRSSN is an open group, meaning membership is neither restricted nor audited by the group’s manager. Likewise, any appropriate discussion submission is allowed. To enter the group as a member or request membership click HERE.

HR Shared Services Practitioners is another LinkedIn group managed by HRSSI but with restricted (invite-only) membership. Membership of this group is restricted to practitioners and excludes consultants, vendors, recruiters and others who might be using the group for marketing purposes. HRSSI does not believe there is anything improper about individuals in these categories utilizing LinkedIn, which is why we allow free access to HRSSN. HR Shared Services Practitioners is merely a smaller group for those who prefer a more targeted membership.  To enter this group or request membership click HERE.